Unisex watch with amber stone GOLDEN

Unisex watch with amber stone GOLDEN

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Everyone must have a unique watch, especially if it is a minimalist watch with an amber stone. Each amber we include in our watches’ designs is unique and doesn’t resemble a previous model. The stone will better your mood while it will provide a good dose of love, health, ambition, and belief. You will be the only individual to have on that minimalist watch that specific shape, size, and color of the amber stone
And you can start your journey of uniqueness with this golden amber minimalist watch. Its clean lines, streamlined shape, and monochromatic colors are what offer both style and novelty to this minimalist accessory. Wearing this watch will give you a look effortlessly refined, no matter the outfit you use it with. The golden amber minimalist watch is far from boring, due to the small amber stone that provides an alluring air of timeless sophistication. Its simplicity is what it gets its versatilely, so you will have a time-telling companion for several years to come. 
If you are looking for a more casual timepiece to match almost all your looks, the golden amber minimalist watch is the best choice for you. It is comfortable, a bit sophisticated, and it is created will all the basics of the minimalist tendencies. This minimalist watch comes with a genuine black leather strap, while the stone used for its creation is genuine Baltic amber
Because of its elegant lines, simplicity, and yet intriguing design, it is a unisex minimalist watch that can match a wide range of styles ranging from casual to black-tie attire. Get today your best minimalist accessory specially tailored for you. The amber stone is that details that will offer an extra touch of sophistication to either a man wearing a suit or a woman wearing a summery dress. 


Dial Colour White
Movement Miyota 2035
Battery Japanese
Water Resistance 5ATM waterproof
Strap Genuine leather
Stone Genuine Baltic amber
Watch Diameter 40.5 mm
Strap With 20.0 mm
Design patent Yes


The design is patented in EU.

At the end of each fiscal year we will give 10% of our gross profit to old people selling the goods in the local markets and streets.

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