Health benefits of amber

If you are looking for the latest trends in wrist watches, we recommend you consider choosing a unique amber watch. These types of watches feature a distinct piece of amber, making it one of a kind. Available in our boutique, you may wonder why choose an accessory with an amber stone. Well, the answer lays in the multitude of health benefits of amber.


What is the history of amber stones?


First things first: amber is not an actual stone, but instead it represents an amorphous, fossilized tree sap. Usually, it features a golden yellow to golden orange colour, being either transparent or semi translucent.

Amber is one of the first substances used for adornment, as it was discovered that they date back to the Stone Age. It is believed that these stones were used as amulets or talismans due to their healing properties.

The romans called this item succinum, as they believed it came from tree sap. In the Neolithic era it was considered to be an ornamental object. The Vikings considered amber to be tears of Gods, while the Greeks believed this stone represented tears over the death of Phaeton. So, all around the world, this stone gained popularity during the passing years since the Stone Age.


Health Benefits of Amber


Amber stones aid in dealing with insomnia

Ancient Romans thought that amber is a natural purifier that is able to draw pain and disease from both the body and mind. Thus, amber amulets were worn to aborted negative energies and transform them into clear, beneficial vibes. Amber is the perfect remedy against insomnia, as it can clear your mind and banish restless thoughts.


Amber stones offer protection

In Asian culture, this stone is known under the name soul of the tiger. In this part of the world, amber is considered to be the stone of courage, which is why small pieces of this stone were carried for protection during long travels. Also, it was believed that during long distance travels, people develop jaundice and amber can aid in healing this condition.


Amber stones relieve stress and tension

Wearing amber, can have a beneficial impact on our mental health, due t the fact that it can relieve stress and tension from the body. Scientists believe that amber can get rid of anxiety or depression because it releases negativity from our body and it can even balance our emotions and energy levels.


Amber stones and pain relief

Another health benefit of amber is the fact that it has the ability to diminish pain intensity. Back in World War I, especially in Germany, amber beads were placed on babies to lessen the painfully eruption of teeth.

In addition, it is believed that if you apply this stone on an area of the body that hurts or it is inflamed, those symptoms can be visibly diminished.


So, this being said, everyone agrees that amber stones feature great properties that heal both the physical and emotional body. By wearing an accessory embedded with amber, you will have your own personal talisman that will shield you against negative vibes, along with keeping your spirit and body healthy. And if you are looking for a rather exquisite application of this stone, we recommend you consider opting for a unique watch with an amber stone.

Amber watches are great for having an ally in dealing with tension in your bodies, but at the same time they represent an interesting accessory that will say a lot about your personality. You can be a trendsetter and you can even access your sacral chakra with this powerful stone, as it is believed it can aid in reaching your creative side.

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