2020's unique watches trends

We’ve stepped into a new year, and 2020 looks promising for those loving to wear a watch. Trend reports underline the need for having this accessory with almost any outfit. And we couldn’t agree more! Unique watches are the highlight of 2020, but there are plenty of suggestions on how to wear a watch in a stylish way. So, up next, we’ve shared our insight on 2020 watch trends to aid you in choosing the best unique watch for your collection!
It’s all about the retro vibe
In terms of fashion, 2020 is the year in which the retro vibe is put into the spotlight. And we’re talking about anything ranging from clothes to accessories. The watch is extremely important for this season, and we’ve seen it featured in major fashion houses presentations back in autumn 2019. Mainly, the focus is on watches inspired by the period between the forties and the seventies, but we can safely assume that any vintage watch deserves a place in your wardrobe in 2020.
And don’t be afraid to show a golden unisex watch
Of course, when we say retro watches, this means you can opt for a simple, yet powerful accessory such as a golden unisex watch. Due to the exciting design of this type of watch, it has the best of both worlds: appealing and smooth masculine touches, along with a rather stylish finish that is perfect for both ladies and men. 
You should wear an amber stone watch
an interesting approach towards the 2020 watch trends is considering a timeless piece that will reflect your ingenuity. Wearing an amber stone watch is intriguing and can add a lot of personality to any outfit. Besides, unique watches such as the ones at Hubert’s, are both novel and inspired by the vintage trend. So, what better way to remain trendy in 2020, rather than wearing a unique watch with an amber stone?
2020 is the blue year
The official color of 2020 is blue. And this can be applied to watches, too. Still, it would help if you didn’t think that you have to wear an all-blue watch. It is all about the details, meaning a smooth insertion of blue will do the trick. Besides, this color can match any outfit, making it one of the best additions to the 2020’s fashion trends. And if you’re feeling bold, you should know that the second color of this year is salmon. 
The verdict
The bottom line is that the 2020 watch trends focus mostly on the retro style. And it is only reasonable to be like this, as the fashion trends on the globe get their inspiration from that era. Anyway, our top recommendation is to consider a timeless watch with an amber stone. It is the best solution for any wardrobe, as it has both retro and classical lines, along with a unique approach. Thus, if you aim to make the best of this year, you should start by wearing a unique watch today!

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